Procedurally-generated dungeon game ‘Wazhack’ now available!

Wazhack is a 2D side-scrolling roguelike that has just been released on Desura.  It’s actually a side-scrolling exploratory, action / rpg, and roguelike.  This clever game has some interesting mechanics that give it some terrific “pick-up-and-play” quality.  Wazhack reminds me a lot of the first time I played Desktop Dungeon, how unassuming the little game was, and how immediately addicting the gameplay became.  I can easily see myself playing getting hooked on Wazhack with that same level of enthusiasm I had while playing Desktop Dungeons.

You can pick up the full version of Wazhack now at Desura.  There is a free demo available but the game costs about $5 bucks, so the only reason you even need to give the demo a try is to make sure the game works on properly on your system, the system requirement are aren’t very demanding so most Windows users shouldn’t have a problem.  Wazhack can also be explored as a browser based game for those who don’t mind playing through their web browser.  Just head over to the Wazhack website if you’d like to try the game immediately.

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