Smudged Cat Games releases ‘Gateways’ for PC!

Are there no boundaries to the platforming genre that Smudged Cat Games aren’t actively trying to push?  Their latest 2D puzzle / platformer offers players a side-scrolling ‘Portal’ style experience, and goes beyond what even Portal attempted as a puzzle / platforming game.  Being a 2D game probably makes it a little easier to experiment with new mechanics and much like The Adventures of Shuggy, Gateways seems to pull all of these mechanics off beautifully, and without a hitch.

Taken from the Smudged Cat Games website:

Alongside the traditional platform elements such as jumping on enemies heads, spikes and moving platforms are the gateway guns.  The gateway guns allow you to place two gateways on the walls, floors and ceilings of the lab so that when you pass through one you emerge out of the other.  As progress is made through the game different types of gateway gun are introduced with different effects.  After the basic gun, you acquire a gun that creates two gateways of different sizes, passing through one way shrinks Ed to half his size and the other way makes Ed grow to twice his size.  Then you find a gun where one gateway doesn’t just connect to the others location but also its time, allowing Ed to travel back in time and encounter earlier versions of himself.  Finally, the last gun manipulates gravity so passing through allows Ed to walk along walls and on ceilings.

Gateways looks like it uses some incredible gameplay mechanics.  Impressively, the elements not only look good, but they also work.  I don’t know how Smudged Cat Games keeps coming up with these tricky, creative, and wacky ideas that actually work in their 2D platformers, but hopefully these games just keep a-comin.

You can find out more about Gateways by going to the Smudged Cat Games website, where you’ll also find a playable demo.  You can pick up Gateways for $10 dollars or the cost of a Starbucks coffee – *jk*.  😉


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