Impressive Indie Shmup ‘ETHER VAPOR Remaster’ to be released June 29th!

Shmup fans rejoice!  There’s a new shmup on the block with gorgeous 3D graphics and fast-paced arcade style goodness.  This new shoot’em up is developed by Edelweiss, who are responsible for developing a number intense and excite Japanese Doujin shooters.  Their latest effort is titled Ether Vapor Remaster, and it looks fantastic.  For those that don’t know, Doujin usually just refers to fan-made or independently developed Japanese shooters.

Ether Vapor Remaster combines great graphics and gameplay to deliver a game that looks very much like popular classics in the genre such as Raystorm / Raycrisis, Ikaruga, and Einhander.  That’s right, this isn’t just a vertical or horizontal shmup, it’s a vertical -AND- horizontal shmup with some dynamic chase scenes thrown in for good measure!

The full game won’t be released until June 29th, but you can download and play the free demo in the meantime.  You can also get more info about Ether Vapor Remaster by heading over to the Nyu-Media website.


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