Indie Game: The Movie – Debut & Review

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie has finally released!  This news isn’t really for avid fans of indie games since they had probably already heard about Indie Game: The Movie through any number of other gaming sites.  This announcement is however, for the general gaming public that may not know about Indie Game: The Movie.  I could go into specifics about the developers being covered in this movie, or about which games they’ve made, what platforms they were released on or when, but that would ruin the initial experience for someone going into this movie with fresh eyes.  I can tell you that I’ve had contact and communicated with a couple of the developers in this movie, if only through brief emails, and that they share similarities to you and I.  However, I’d prefer to tell you a bit about the movie as if you know nothing about it and what you might get from it, by watching not only other human beings who just want to design video games, but by watching fellow gamers, who are trying very hard to make a living off of their passion for games by creating and developing commercial games independently.

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about 4 indie game developers who, at the time of filming, had already released or were working on and trying to finish, and release their games to the public via Xbox Live Arcade.  We’re given a glimpse into the lives of these developers during the development period and beyond, allowing us into their homes, their thoughts, and their hearts as they share some of the trials and tribulations that they go through.

Though it’s a documentary, it is also a reality based movie about 4 individuals who want to create great games that they themselves would enjoy and that they hope other people will play and enjoy as well.  As simple as that sounds, we learn that though these individuals do have a common desire to make video games, they also suffer from, or endure, the fear and anxiety of uncertainty and the unknown, whether or not they’ll be able to finish, and if people will actually appreciate and enjoy their games once released.

We’re given a little insight into the mind of each developer.  There is a real sense that these individuals, for the most part, are loners.  They share and interact with others mostly through their creativity and their passion to design and create video games.  They are aware of their “flaws and vulnerabilities” and because of this we can relate to them.  In a way, I believe we’re given some of the essence of each developer, through their games, and this is made most clear when we can find ourselves relating to and understanding what they were meaning to convey or how they felt, without ever actually meeting them.  As a gamer, or a person who’s passionate, creative, or imaginative, you’re likely to find a bit of yourself in Indie Game: The Movie as well.

I highly recommend that you check out Indie Game: The Movie.  You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy Indie Game: The Movie.  Although, it is entertaining and somewhat pleasing to know that this movie might also remind and inspire anyone else who watches it, to pursue those things that they themselves are passionate about.

You can pick up Indie Game: The Movie for $9.99 by going directly to it’s website (just click the link).  You can also pick up Indie Game: The Movie through Steam if you so desire.

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