The Humble “Frozen Synapse” Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle buyers rejoice!  Yet another Humble Bundle is live.  This time the bundle includes one game:  Frozen Synapse.   For those that haven’t heard of or seen Frozen Synapse yet, it’s a simultaneous turn-based strategy game with a single … Continue reading

Blackwell Deception coming soon to a PC near you!

Wadjet Eye Games should be a familiar name to indie and adventure game players.  They’re the ones behind those great retro style point-and-click adventures such as The Shivah, The Blackwell Series, Puzzle Bots, and Gemini Rue. The fourth installment of … Continue reading

Gratuitous Space Battles – “Parasites” Expansion Pack Released

Had enough laser blasting, missile launching, shield penetrating fun in Gratuitous Space Battles yet?  No?  Good! Want a new race, new ship designs, weapons, equipment, and other cool bonuses?   Yes?  Excellent! Positech Games has just released the latest Expansion Pack … Continue reading